the living center



The Living Center uses a mixture of psychoanalysis and behavioral therapy.  Individual psychotherapy is the most intense process.  Patients are encouraged to talk about the things they need to talk about until they reach a resolution. This may take weeks, months or years. As they free themselves from the prison of their emotional blocks, the doors of love, creativity and contentment begin to open, and their relationships to themselves and others become more meaningful .


When patients are ready, they are encouraged to participate in group therapy.  In group they can observe and identify with others who are going through similar situations, as well as interact with them.  Groups provide a safe environment where they can take risks and get in touch with feelings.  This helps them learn to tolerate real intimacy, involving the flow of both positive and negative feelings, without attempting manipulate the relationships they are in.


When patients cannot come to the office due to age, disability or being in a remote location, instant messenger programs such as SKYPE provide a vehicle for therapeutic communication.  Online sessions, like office sessions, are held once a week and utilize the same techniques.  Contact Dr. Schoenewolf (See Contact Us) by email to set up this form of therapy.


We use an eclectic approach to therapy, which means we use whatever technique works with a particular patient. Sometimes that requires a psychoanalytic approach, sometimes it demands behavioral or cognitive work.  The bottom line is empathy.  We respect the feelings and thoughts of patients and try to understand them without judging them.  

We never try to force patients or use any form of manipulation.  Instead, we attempt to help patients achieve their stated goals by shedding light on their conflicts and how those conflicts, personal or professional, are affecting their well-being.  We guide by helping patients to understand their own feelings and thoughts so that they can make better decisions on their own.