the living center

Online Psychotherapy

The Living Center offers online or telephone psychotherapy for people who are unable to do regular office sessions or who need to do occasional or emergency sessions.  Online psychotherapy may be the most compatible kind of  therapy for:


  • People who live in areas with no access to psychotherapy;
  • People who can't afford regular sessions;
  • People who prefer a less direct psychotherapy experience;
  • People who need emergency help;
  • People who want to explore a particular issue without committing to ongoing therapy.

You can choose to do online therapy via SKYPE or email.  With SKYPE, you will be able to talk face-to-face with Dr. Schoenewolf, using video messaging.  SKYPE sessions, like regular office sessions, are 45 minutes.   Or, if you prefer a less-direct approach, you can do psychotherapy via email.  You would begin by sending an introductory email to Dr. Schoenewolf at, explaining your therapy goals, your family background, and your previous therapy experiences, if any.  From there, you can choose to arrange ongoing email exchanges.


Telephone psychotherapy is an alternate form of out-of-office counseling.  This form of therapy enables you to have a voice-to-voice sessions, which allows for a more intimate experience.  To arrange for telephone psychotherapy, simply email or call Dr. Schoenewolf

at 212-673-6256.  You may choose to set up an individual session, sessions as needed, or ongoing sessions.  Telephone sessions are 45 minutes.

Unfortunately mental health insurance does not cover online or telephone therapy.   Therefore you must pay for your sessions out-of-pocket.  Fees are based on your financial situation and will range from $65 to $150 per session.  With regard to email psychotherapy, the fee will be based on the number of words in your email.  Basically the fee for email therapy is $10 per 100 words.

You may pay for online or telephone session through Paypal.  If you have further questions, please call or write to Dr. Schoenewolf.