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by Gerald Schoenewolf

Here are four literary screenplays by Gerald Schoenewolf.  Each of them won an award at a film festival.  A WAY YOU'LL NEVER BE, which borrows its title from one of the author's favorite Hemingway stories, is a road movie extraordinaire.  It portrays serial murderer, Bobby, picking up a hitchhiker, Jenny, and taking her on a trip to the Florida Keys.  It is a realistic, tragic tale with characters you won't soon forget.  BILLY THE KID is an epic story that digs into the real historical details of the biography of the famous outlaw.  In STOPPING BY THE WOODS ON A RAINY EVENING, two strange couples end up camping out together on a rainy night.  This is a literary, psychological thriller with a twist ending.  LIZZIE BORDEN is a the ultimate, realistic and dramatic retelling of this legendary tale like it's never been told before.


Works by Gerald Schoenewolf

Non-Fiction Books

101 Common Therapeutic Blunders (Jason Aronson, Inc., 1988)

This book illustrates blunders that psychotherapists make, using anecdotes from case histories that show how

counterresistence and countertransference get in the way of therapeutic progress.

101 Therapeutic Successes (Jason Aronson, Inc. 1989)

The companion book for 111 Common Therapeutic Blunders, it provides anecdotes from successful interventions.

Sexual Animosity between Men and Women (Jason Aronson, Inc., 1989)

The cause and course of sexual animosity between the genders is traces to its psychoanalytic roots.

Turning Points in Analytic Therapy: The Classic Cases (Jason Aronson, Inc., 1990)

This book presents some classic case histories of Freud, Jung, Adler, Reich and other pioneers of psychoanalysis.

Turning Points in Analytic Therapy: from Winnicott to Kernberg (Jason Aronson, Inc., 1990)

The most dramatic case histories of twentieth century psychoanalysts, including Winnicott, Mahler, Serles, Fromm-Reichman, Spotnitz, and Kernberg.

The Art of Hating (Jason Aronson, 1991)

This book describes various destructive ways in which people express anger, and constructive ways of expressing it.

Jennifer and Her Selves (Donald F. Fine, Inc., 1991; Dell, 1993)

A literary case history about a novice therapist who becomes over-involved with a patient who has seven personalities.

Counterresistance: The Therapist’s Interference with the Therapeutic Process (Jason Aronson, Inc., 1993)

A psychoanalytic work describing counterresistance in various kinds of psychotherapy, showing the multitude of ways psychotherapists resist therapeutic progress.

Erotic Games: Bringing Intimacy and Passion Back into Sex and Relationships (Carol Publishing Company, 1995)

A book to help couples work through books to intimacy by playing erotic games especially designed to them.

The Couple Who Fell in Hate and Other Tales of Eclectic Psychotherapy (Jason Aronson, Inc., 1996)

A book of brief case histories illustrating patients struggling with their relationships and with their psychotherapy.

The Dictionary of Dream Interpretation (Jason Aronson, 1997)

This is a dictionary of dreams that makes use of psychoanalytic interpretations.  Dreams are listed from A to Z, with many dreams by famous persons.

The Way According to Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and Seng Tsan (Asian Humanities Press, 1999)

Poetic and authentic translations of three of the main works of Taoism accompanied by the author’s illustrations.

Psychotherapy with People in the Arts: Nurturing Creativity (Haworth Press, 2002)

This work provides an analysis of cases of working with artistic patients as well as an overview of the creative process and how it can be blocked.

111 Common Therapeutic Blunders (Jason Aronson, 2004)

A revised edition of 101 Common Therapeutic Blunders, providing learning tales showing therapists how countertransference and counterresistance leads to flaws in how they do therapy.

Jennifer and Her Selves, Revised Edition (Living Center Press, 2012)

The literary case history about a novice therapist who becomes over-involved with a patient who has seven personalities.

76 Typical Therapy Mistakes: A Workbook for Psychotherapists (Living Center Press, 2014)

Here is a workbook for therapists that provides 76 teaching tales about the typical mistakes psychotherapists are prone to making.  It includes questions and answers to help readers participate.

Fiction and Poetry

A Way You’ll Never Be (Living Center Press, 2009)

A black serial murderer and a young, white runaway take a poignant and tragic road trip from Kansas City to the Florida Keys

Flugelhorn’s Flight: or, Kidnapped by Babes from Outer Space (Living Center Press, 2009)

A satire about a young man who is kidnapped by women and taken to their planet, which turns out to be inhabited by all women; his job is to repopulate the planet.

An Ordinary Lunacy (Living Center Press, 2010)

A young man with a fear of beautiful women chases a beautiful woman from New York to the Bahamas and finally finds love.

Scenes from a Man’s Life (Living Center Press, 2010)

A man’s life from an abusive early childhood through entanglements with fame and romance and finally contentment as a therapist.

Holding On and Letting Go: Poems and Drawings (Living Center Press, 2009)

Philosophic poetry in the Taoist tradition about holding on (clinging to or resenting life) and letting go (accepting what is).  The volume includes 40 of the author’s expressionistic drawings.

4 Screenplays (Living Center Press, 2019)


Films and Videos

Therapy (Living Center Films, 2005)

This feature film, shown at the New Filmmakers Series in New York, is about a novice therapist and his over-involvement with a female patient who has four personalities.

Brooklyn Nights (Living Center Films, 2011).

Two shy young people meet up for four nights in a park in Brooklyn, sharing their inner secrets, their joys and their sorrows.

18 Video Song Poems (Living Center Films, 2014)

This is a collection of Gerald Schoenewolf's video song poems, which contains poems he wrote, composed the music for, drew pictures and made videos for.  It includes performances by his wife, Julia, and parrot, Max.


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